For our English fans

Dear all!

We start with the translation so you will find the recipe in English at the bottom of the posts – or at least at some of them. We are working on it..! 😉

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Lina & Tina


4 Kommentare zu “For our English fans

  1. working with translations is sooooooooo hard… kind of doubles the „work“.. well n my case triplicates… but I still suppose it triplicates the number of potential readers 😉

    • Hi Vivi,

      is it correct that your WordPress blog isn’t online at the moment? Or are you still working on it? Our English isn’t as good as has been ten years before so we are a little bit scared to translate the whole blog – but maybe we should start with the recipes.. 😉

      Lina & Tina

      PS: Maybe some of the english readers can leave us a short note to let us know if the translation of the recipes would be helpful for them.

      • Hi again, really you did not find my blog online? well I was actually quite sure it is – otherwise I’d be writing on a ghost page!! :/
        Did you click on the link posted underneath my gravatar profile?
        the actual link is this one, once again:
        I hope this one works! Please let me know!
        and about your english issues… my blog is in italian, german (my tqo mothr tongues) and spanish (just a language I learnt a few years ago when I was living in Spain), I know my spanish „expressivity“ is way not so good as the one in german and italian…but I soooo feel like keeping on maintaining it as well – above all for all my spanish friends reading! I’d tell you: just do it! one always learns and gets better by doing!! 🙂

        liiiiiiebe Grüsse!

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